Legend of coca

Version rewritten by N. Brachet, based on the book "Leyendas de Bolivia"
of Antonio Paredes-Candia

Coca was a young Indian lady who was famous in all the Kollasuyo Empire for her extreme beauty. No man could resist the charm of the young woman, and Coca was taking pleasure in this devastating seduction game. Some could not help dreaming of Coca, the others developed jealousy and the competition seriously put in danger the cohesion and stability of the country.

The Inca was aware of the troubles caused by Coca, and decided to consult the council of the Wise. After observing the stars and reading in the entrails of a llama, the Wise concluded that Coca's sacrifice was necessary for saving the empire. Although not in favor of such decision, the Inca sentenced to death the young woman and requested that parts of her body would be buried in the gardens of all her lovers.

Some time passed, and in each place where the Coca's remainders had been buried, small bushes with oval and smooth green leaves started to grow. These little bushes were called coca in homage to the young woman.