Legend of Sajama volcano

Version rewritten by N. Brachet, based on the book "Leyendas de Bolivia"
of Antonio Paredes-Candia

The volcanoes Illimani and Mururata were two Titan brothers and sons of the creation God Wiracocha. The young and impetuous Mururata, envied the majesty of Illimani, and caused in duel his brother. The noble Illimani tried to reason his young brother, but the aggressiveness and hatred of Mururata grew.

Wiracocha who attended the argument between his two sons, decided to take action in favor of his preferred son Illimani. During the following night, he came to visit Illimani and gave him a sling to defend himself against Mururata. Before the first gleams of the day, whereas the two brothers were ready to start the duel fight, Illimani held up the sling and launched a projectile to the head of his brother. The weapon decapitated Mururata and his head was projected towards remote regions.

The decapitated body of Mururata remained on the side of Illimani, and his head became the isolated Sajama in the medium of the altiplano.