• Electricity is 220V/50Hz (the most current ), and 110V/50Hz in some old buildings.
  • Electric plugs follow the American standards with 2 pins (type A) or sometimes 3 pins (type B). You may also see many European plugs with 2 pins (type C).

For those who are afraid that they will not to be able to connect their electric device: If necessary, all types of electric adapters are sold on the markets or in electric shops.

  • Most Bolivian houses do not have any hot water tank. Showers are equipped with electric resistances (1000 to 2000W) which warm the water on demand. The water temperature is regulated by increasing or decreasing the flow of water in the pipe. Don't be surprise to see naked electric cables hanging a few centimeters above your head; electrocution in the shower is not a common accident in Bolivia.
  • There is usually no hot water from the tap in Bolivian houses. Some people use electric resistances that they directly plunge into a bucket of water. Of course this technique is extremely dangerous and results in many fatal accidents every year in Bolivia.

Euro plug (type C) and adapter for American plug (type A)

Electric shower