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Discover the different regions and cities of Bolivia

More than 1000 photos: Altiplano, lake Titicaca, Yungas valleys, Andean Cordillera, Sur Lipez, Cochabamba, Copacabana, Coroico, La Paz, Oruro, Potosi, Rurrenabaque, San Ignacio de Velasco, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Sorata, Sucre, Trinidad, Tupiza, Uyuni



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Historical milestones of Bolivia, from the Inca empire until today



Geopolitical data about Bolivia: geography, maps, weather, population, government, economical ressources



Taste a few typical cooking recipes from Bolivia


Bolivian music and traditional dances (saya, morenada, diablada, tinku, cueca ...), legends from the Andes, national anthem, calendar of festivities



Practical information and advice to prepare the trip to Bolivia

  • air and ground transports
  • documents and visas
  • health, vaccinations
  • dangers and nuisances (food, animals, attacks)
  • Basic Quechua and Aymara words
  • national mewspaper
  • live radios
  • weather in the main cities
  • calling from and to Bolivia
  • electricity