During the precolombian period, the bolivian music has developped differently depending on the regions. Basic instruments with monotonous sounds (based on 3 notes "do", "mi", and "sol") like the erke were played in Tarija region, more melodious instruments like pentatonic panpipe (without "fa" or "si") were played in the andean regions. Percussions accompany wind instruments. Contrary to quechua music (from the inca civilisation), aymara music (from the Tihuanaco civilisation) does not comprise any singing.

During the XVIth century, the bolivian music has evolved and enriched itself with new instruments brought by the spanish conquistadores and jesuit missionaries: guitars, violins, pianos, harps et trumpets...

Today, the bolivian music appears very rich and varied, which reflects the historical past and the cultural diversities inherited from different regions in the county.

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